September 16, 2006

Alexandra & Liam at the Coast

Alexandra and Liam had blocked out their whole day to work with me, so after the river session in the morning, we took a break for lunch, and then drove to the coast, to spend the rest of the afternoon working along the shoreline.
Digital infrared original
An unexpected element of this session was Liam's willingness (and indeed, enthusiasm) for working in the ocean. While the Atlantic Ocean is actually at its warmest in October, by mid-September, the air temperature is low enough to make it seem quite the opposite, so when Liam first volunteered to pose in the ocean proper, I tried to discourage him. Forty minutes later, he was still in the ocean. I finally had to consider his claims that it wasn't that cold had to have some validity.
Digital infrared original
Over the four or so hours that the three of us worked along the shoreline, we made a wide variety of images, working between photographs focusing on each model individually, and images of them together as a couple. Usually when I work with two models outdoors, even if they are in a relationship, I tend to use the second model as a resource to add to an image if it looks like a second figure would add to the composition, but with Alexandra and Liam, I just as frequently would make images that were mirrors to their relationship. Time and time again, the addition of the second figure would spontaneously evolve into a change of pose and position, until it became, quite naturally, an image focusing on intimacy and tenderness, for all that is set in the great outdoors.
Digital infrared original, 24 frame stitch

The day spent with Alexandra and Liam was fabulous, with the perfect mix of a late summer day, great company, food and photos. Since this session, the two models have moved overseas for a time (six months or more), so it will be my last chance to work with them for some period of time, but it was a rich and variety filled session that led to some really striking results, perfect for my final session of the year with them.

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