September 12, 2006

Ingrid & R_ on McNab's Island II

The second part of our day on McNab's Island was spent working on Magher's Beach; R_ and I had made a small series of images on the walk back from the fort, but I had thought the photographic portion of the day was over when those were finished, and that we were headed for home.
Digital infrared original, 11 frame stitch
All this changed of course when we arrived on the beach, and Ingrid immediately took to the sand, and soaked up the heat. Never one to pass up an opportunity to photograph, I began making images of Ingrid's body stretched out on the sand...during which time, R_ came into the frame, mirroring Ingrid's pose.
Digital infrared original
Usually, I avoid photographing in direct sunlight at all cost, preferring to avoid the harsh shadows and contrast that it creates. In the late summer/early fall however, the sun begins to move lower in the sky, and gives a lovely angular edge to everything, and as the models were so enthusiastic about the warm beach, I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to made a final set of images.
Digital infrared original
Most of the beach photographs were of the two models lying side by side, with the sunlight creating highlights on their skin; I used a longer lens (85mm) and different angles to create a variety of compositions (usually playing on the repetition between the model's bodies). Over the session however, I did spend some time focusing on each of the models individually, setting them against the sky or dune grasses, and creating a set of portrait of each, celebrating their grace, and the beauty and light surrounding them.

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