September 22, 2006

R_ Indoors (with a Snake!)

The last session with R_ before she went back to Europe was to be spent working indoors; R_ had asked about modeling with our snake, Slytherin, and as our work has begun five years before indoors, I thought it would be a good way to close her visit to Nova Scotia.
Digital original, 7 frame stitch
I have only worked a couple of times in my new apartment, and also welcomed the chance to work again with the new space. Often it takes several sessions before I become really comfortable with the light in a space, and am really able to make the most of its potential. With this apartment facing east, it isn't the best for afternoon or evening light, but what light there is tends to be lovely and even, so that at least is in my favour.
Digital original, 9 frame stitch
Though I did work some with my infrared camera, this session was unusual in that the majority of the images I made were produced with my colour DSLR. With Slytherin playing a major part in the session, much of my focus was on colour (his orange and yellow colouring worked very well against R_'s rich skin tone), and while many of the images were eventually converted into black and white, Having the option of keeping them in colour was a definite benefit.
Digital original
Overall, the session was a great close to R_'s visit. As we both knew it would be the last session, it ended with an emphasis on portraits, something that I feel is quite important, given that I don't know when we'll next have a chance to work together again. R_ has extended an invitation to work with her in Europe, and while I don't know when I'd be able to take her up on that offer, it is certainly something I'd love to be able to avail myself of someday.

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