July 28, 2006

The Morning of a Wedding

Digital infrared original
My last photo session in Moncton, before moving back to Halifax in August, was one of the most unique I've ever had in almost twenty years of photography. Virginia was introduced to my work by her step-mother, who was enrolled in one of my photo courses, and decided that she was interested in working with me the next time she was in New Brunswick, which was at the end of July for her wedding. So, on the morning of her wedding day, Virginia and I met up, and she went through a selection of my work (I always prefer to have potential models view actual prints, in addition to my work online, as there is such a significant quality difference.) After perhaps half-an-hour of chatting, we moved onto the photography, setting up in a room specifically set aside for us to use for the morning.
Digital infrared original, 10 frame stitch
The room we had to work in was perfect, with large glass double doors on one wall, and a comfy couch for Virginia to pose upon. Once my white sheets were laid down on the couch, and draped over the windows, we started working, keeping one eye on the clock to make sure we didn't interfere with the wedding schedule.
Digital infrared original
Usually, when working indoors, time isn't much of a factor, with a session running until the model or I feel that it has run its course, but for this session, with a wedding in only a couple of hours, time was a major consideration. This isn't to say that time restrictions changed or interfered in any way with the process, or the work that we created together, but it was a constant presence in the back of our mind. Also, for me at least, a real source of amusement - the session was so quiet, relaxed and low key, and in a matter of hours, Virginia would be walking down the aisle to be married. Both events were celebrations of Virginia, in a way, but I can think of few greater contrast in realities.

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