August 11, 2006

Elena at Long Beach

Elena and I had everything in our favour for our first session working together. The day was warm but windy, the light was bright with no chance of rain, but the sky was full of low, fast moving cloud cover, and we both had the whole day available to work, meaning there'd be no restrictions, time wise. It is a wonderful privilege, being able to work until the images are finished, or energy levels drops, as opposed to the time runs out.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
Elena had only modeled nude once before, but had lots of experience in front of a camera, so there was very little time spent adjusting to the process, once we got started.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
For the session, I decided to head to the coast, in hopes of dramatic sky-scapes, and some water nudes. As it turned out, the wind was a little too brisk for full water immersion, so we began with a whole series of images exploring the large rock forms along the shoreline, and working with the dramatic sky above.

The rest of the session was spent working our way slowly along the coastline, making the most of spaces as they presented themselves. The entire session was a pleasure, with a wonderful setting and total seclusion providing us the opportunity to work continually for an entire afternoon (this session was one of only two even in which I came close to running out of memory cards).
Digital infrared original
Right at the end of the session, before we packed up and headed back to Halifax, Elena did pose in a small tidal pool, helping me create both some beautiful water nudes, and a couple of stunning portraits. I find it ironic that we worked together for a whole afternoon, and yet two of the images three featured in my photo diary entry came from the last fifteen minutes that we worked together!

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