July 22, 2006

Miranda & Ingrid Model for a Workshop

This day was the first day of two days of a figure workshop I had scheduled 6 months earlier, focusing on working with the nude in landscape. I've always had some hesitance about teaching a workshop on Photographing the Nude, but figures it would be impossible to decide how I felt about it, without actually trying to present one.
Digital infrared original
It took relatively little time to actually put into place the pieces for the workshop. Good friends in Moncton owned a beautiful piece of land at Shenstone (where I'd already worked with Brianna), not thirty minutes from the city with everything one could wish for, in regards to locations to photograph in. When I approached Ingrid and Miranda about modeling for the workshop, they were both quite interested, and once the details were worked out, they made the commitment in time necessary for me to actually schedule the event.
Digital infrared original, 22 frame stitch
I'd hoped for between six and eight students for the workshop, but ended up running it with two (which put me in a deficit position, but as the entire exercise was something of an experiment, I was a little more flexible on the student levels than I'd normally be). When the weekend for the workshop arrived, the weather forecast was none too great, but the two photographers and I converged on Shenstone to spend the evening going over the general process of working with the Nude.
Digital infrared original, 13 frame stitch
The next day dawned with much fanfare and the arrival of the two models, and in no short order, the workshop's photography portion began.
Digital infrared original
When I'd mapped out the workshop process, I didn't make the assumption that the students would be comfortable with me photographing as well, but they both emphatically said that seeing my working process in the real was part of their motivation for taking the workshop, so over the day I occasionally took to the fore, and set up images and compositions with one, or both of the models.

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