July 06, 2006

Meghan's First Time Modeling

Digital infrared original, 2 frame image blend
Working with a model whom I've only met just met is not that uncommon an experience anymore thanks to the proliferation of my work through the Internet and various publications but, all the same, it amazes me how often it works out really well. Once we were down by the shore and set up, I indicated to Meghan that we were ready to begin and with no signs of trepidation or hesitation on her part, she simply disrobed and asked where I wanted her to be.
Digital infrared original, 28 frame stitch
We worked with both the old concrete searchlight emplacements along the shoreline (working inside the buildings permitted us to photograph without disrupting any of the other visitors to York Redoubt) and on the rocky shoreline. As Meghan was only available for the single session, I wanted to make sure she got as much variety out of the session as possible.
Digital infrared original, 21 frame stitch
It was a real pleasure during the session how comfortable Meghan was with the whole process, regardless of whether the composition was a bodyscape, where the pose was elongated and languorous, or a portrait where she was simply standing before me, nude. Meghan came across as comfortable and confidant, which made the results all the more striking. I don't know if she has any plans to return to Nova Scotia in the future, but I will definitely be letting her know that, if she does, I'd be happy to work with her again!

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