July 07, 2006

Lisa on the Barrens

Digital infrared original, 25 frame stitch
The glacial barrens of Nova Scotia have long fascinated me and have been among my favorite places to work with models outdoors for over a decade. One of the best aspects they have to offer is that they are just so vast, spreading for miles in every direction and, while it is easy to become familiar with a section or part of them, I doubt in a decade I would find all the magical spaces they have to offer. Which of course makes it the perfect place to work with a model, as there is never any lack of locations to work in.
Digital infrared original
Lisa had the entire morning free to model, so we headed out to the barrens relatively early and walked about for a bit to find a good place to start working. The glacial plains are crisscrossed with paths and simply by following a couple of these, we found a lovely location to work on a right rock bluff overlooking the ocean.
Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
The light was near perfect throughout the session with high clouds diffusing the sunlight and a cool breeze off the coast keeping everything a comfortable temperature. It is really hard to express how joyful it is to be able to work on a day like this - no restrictions on time, a great setting, beautiful light and a keen model. In all the years I have been photographing, sessions like this happen only a handful of times a year, and are well worth savouring as they happen!

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