July 01, 2003

Krista & Greg

Digital original
With Greg and Krista, I'd worked with them once before on New Year's Day, but that session was less then ideal as the light was fading as we worked and I had to resort to 3200 ISO film before we were finished. This session was better planned, with the models arriving in the middle of the day, and the light being excellent (a good indication of how enthusiastic I am about working with couple nudes is the fact I chose to work indoors with Krista and Greg on a day when an outdoor session was an option).
Digital original
Once we finished with the shower nudes (basically, once we'd run out of poses and ideas), the models dried off and moved onto the couch, located near a large deck window. Normally, when I work with the Nude indoors, I place the models back to the window, with the white sheets diffusing the light but, for this session, I decided to vary my approach some and instead worked with side lighting. The results were very pleasing, with a more directional quality to the light and a little more contrast then I am used to.
Digital original
On the whole, the session was very successful; Greg and Krista worked well together and that, combined with their comfort in front of the camera, lead to some very delicate images, photos of two lovers entwined and embracing. I've had great successes with my images of multiple models together in both the studio and natural light, but this work reinforces how much stronger the images are when the subjects are lovers.

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