July 01, 2003

Ingrid Models in a Waterfall

Digital original
Ingrid had left for the West Coast before I'd begun working with Dawson Brook, which has since come to be one of my favorite water spaces to photograph. Given Ingrid's love for water, one of my first thoughts after her return was to see if I could arrange for a session at Dawson Brook, to see what Ingrid would bring to the space
8"x10" film
Once we'd determined that it was possible to work directly in the waterfall, I worked my way around to the far side of the river with the 8"x10" camera - a feat all on its own. Once I was in place, we proceeded to make four compositions; it was slow working, as I had to yell over the sounds of the water to refine the poses, and then had to gingerly relocate the camera for each different composition - no easy task on slippery, algae--covered rocks! With a bit of effort, we managed to create a quite striking image, with a very different composition from many of my other water nudes, which tend to be of reclining or receding figures.
Digital original
The final images of the session were intended to be a series of portraits of Ingrid emerging from the water but, as luck would have it, a more successful photograph emerged; as we were working, Ingrid glanced down, and her hair was set against the waterfall behind. I asked her to hold the pose, and made several variation on the image, with the most successful being show here; the rich greens reflected in the water contrast well with Ingrid's pale skin, while the cascading water behind seems to mirror the flow of her dark hair.

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