July 24, 2003

Ingrid and Victoria at Herring Cove

8"x10" film
Much of the early part of the session was spent focusing on a particularly striking crevasse in the bedrock. Initially working with both models, and then each individually, I made a series of images, the strongest of which was of Ingrid cascading down the rock face; the flattened perspective of the lens combined with the soft sunlight belies the fact she was fighting to keep from rolling off the crevasse and down the hill.
Digital original
Five years ago in July marked the first time I worked with Ingrid and Victoria together. The influence both these models have had on my work cannot be overstated, each of them contributing their own flair and poise to the images we've made together. With Ingrid's return from the west coast this summer, I was eager to continue to work with her, and particularly hoped to have a session with her and Victoria, as a re-visitation of where the work with the two of them began (though to be honest, the work with Ingrid began a week earlier with a solo session).
8"x10" film
After this initial exploration was completed, we shifted to making some portraits, working with the 8"x10" camera and shallow depth of field to separate the two models. Over the session, the sunlight was eventually replaced by thin high cloud, which gave the perfect light for portraits. The end result had to be cropped a little from the original negative to make the composition work but is exactly what I sought to create, with Victoria's face in sharp focus and Ingrid's face and torso softer behind. It is a hard thing, sometimes to make a portrait of two such vibrant models, but in this case, there is a serenity to the image which is most welcome, if unlooked for at the time.

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