July 09, 2003

Ingrid & Miranda at Chebucto Head

8"x10" film
Ingrid and Miranda both share a complete comfort in working with other models, which makes them the perfect models to work together; for this session, with another photographer along, it helped even more, as the two models switched off with each photographer, but when an image which called for a second model presented itself, there was always the other model somewhere nearby.

As is common with photo sessions along the coast, through the entire afternoon, we didn't move more then a couple of hundred metres down the shoreline; the landscape was so rich and varied that we only had to move over a ridge or down into a rock valley to find a new set of images waiting to be made.
8"x10" film
For most of the session, I worked with one model or the other, taking my inspiration from the lines of the rocks, and working with the models to best fit them in to the spaces. Both models have more then enough experience with this approach, and the session progressed very smoothly, though occasionally images had to be abandoned as I couldn't realize my intent. It is a hard thing to know when to let go of an image, but it often is a waste of time to work too hard on a particular image - the pose can end up looking to artificial. It is better to move on to a clearer perception then to try to force one to work that doesn't come quickly together before the lens.
8"x10" film
The greatest success among the duo-model images was also the last images made; I'd decided to finish the session up with some photos by the shoreline, but rather then take the 8"x10" camera down and work with that, I decided to maximize the time remaining, and use the EOS 10D digital camera. Though my intent had been to work with the rocks and water, a narrow rock ravine practically called out to me to work with it, so I turned my back to the sea, and set the models in the narrow rock crevasse. Almost immediately I knew what I wanted, and within two minutes, the models were in position, with Miranda lying back along a rock at the end of the crevasse, while Ingrid stood below her, as if she was bearing or supporting Miranda upon her shoulders and arms. The image looks quite contrived, but I am very pleased with it - I am almost certain it will end up in a digital piece someday, with the figures transplanted from the rocky ravine to some more fantastical environ.

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