July 11, 2003

Elisabeth and L_ Modeling in a Tree

Elisabeth, L_ and I spent about an hour working with the field and old barn before packing up and continuing on the drive back home. The hope was that we'd find other places to work along the way, but, the more we drove, the less optimistic I became. As good as the coasts of Nova Scotia are for spaces to photograph, for the most part, the interior of the province is empty, filled with scrubby trees and tight brush that precludes easy walking.
8"x10" film
In this case, however, we licked out; within 5 minutes of heading into the woods, we came across a fabulous tree. This tree was massive for Atlantic Canadian standards, and surrounded by a reasonable amount of open space, given the spread of its boughs. I pointed out the tree to the two models, and both agreed it'd be a great setting for a final set of images.
8"x10" film
The first trick was getting the models up into the tree, but once that was done (with them standing on my shoulders and then stepping up the last couple of feet), we proceeded to make a series of images, working with them individually, and then making a few of both Elisabeth and L_ together. The results were more than pleasing; even in the images which crop the tree to only a trunk and branches, there is a sense of the massiveness and grandeur of the tree, and the mixture of the models and the bark gave a beautiful mix of textures, smooth and coarse.
8"x10" film
In the end, the success of the tree nudes totally overshadowed the other images we made along the river. For years I have worked with nudes in the woods of Nova Scotia, but never before have I had the chance to work with such a massive tree that was so easily accessible, both for the models, and for myself, in regards to the camera and the compositions.

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