May 28, 1998

Megan First Outdoor Session (McNabs Island, Nova Scotia)

I've previously worked with Megan in the studio, and indoors, but this was our first occasion to work outdoors. The day was perfect - beginning sunny and clear, and gradually clouding over as the day progressed - softening the light and diffusing the shadows. We had the whole island to ourselves, and over the afternoon worked along Maugers Beach towards the Atlantic Ocean.
35mm infrared film
The image above far exceeds what I expected from the viewfinder. Made on Kodak's HIE infra-red film, I had expected it to be under-exposed, as the sun was behind thin clouds rather than falling directly onto the model, as it has in the other successful infra-red images. Far from being under-exposed, the negatives was perfect, with the sky showing rich contrast, and the skin luminous against the sand. For twenty-four hours after processing the infra-red film, I was on a natural high, reveling in the richness of the dune-nude.
4"x5" film
I feel like I am at the centre of a the last 12 months I have created more and stronger images than in any previous year since I started working with photography. It is frightening, and thrilling at the same time. Every time I go out to photograph, a little voice in my head whispers "Will this be it? Will nothing more come?". And every time I hang up a new set of negatives to dry, and see the ones that "rock", I feel such an elation that all doubt fades.
4"x5" film

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