May 27, 1998

Lilly's First Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

This studio session was the first session working exclusively with a 35mm camera in over five years. It was a very different way to work for me, and proved quite successful.
35mm transparency film
As the main purpose of the session was to provide photos for the model's portfolio, I decided to leave the big camera home, and just bring the pea-shooter. I did however, bring some rolls of infra-red and chrome in case Lilly felt comfortable enough to do some figure modelling.
35mm infrared film
On the whole, the session went well - it was my first time in an unfamiliar studio, and though studio gear is pretty much variations on a theme, there were a few minor quirks to work out. When we began working with the figure, I worked between two camera bodies, using both film emulsions simultaneously. By far the more successful images are drawn from the infra red rolls - Lilly's fair skin went alabaster, and the colour, though decent, failed in comparison.
35mm infrared film
Given that the session was not intended to revolve around images of the Nude, I was very pleased with the results. Though it was Lilly's first time modelling nude, there were some good images recorded. She is keen to work with me outdoors, and after such a strong beginning, I have great hopes for the images we'll make. The studio is always a double edges sword for me, and I have never resolved the issues it brings to my work, or the problems inherent in its use. Outdoors, on the other hand, seems like a hand in glove...

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