May 19, 1998

Lisa in a Studio (Orono, Maine)

Working again at Laurel's house, I set up the studio lights with a very small (3'x5') backdrop, and worked with Lisa for an hour against it. The set up was minimal and simplistic, but a number of successful images were created.
35mm infrared film
The image above would normally, I suspect, bother me, since it is basically a generic glamour pose. There is, however, an undeniable power emanating from Lisa's shoulders, changing a potentially problematic image into one of incredible strength and confidence. I have an equivalent image on 4"X5" film, but it has a totally different feel because of the infra-red film I used instead.
35mm infrared film
The studio lights I brought to Maine only ended up being used two out of four possible nights, but the images with Neil and Laurel, combined with those of Lisa made the second night, made the lugging of the lighting equipment worth it.

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