May 21, 1998

Erica Models in a River (Rocky Pond Stream, Maine)

35mm infrared film

The successes of the first session with Erica boded well for the work we planned to do the following day, but nothing could prepare me for the space in which we worked, or the images that she would help me produce there. There is little I can do to explain the grandeur of the space in which we arrived after an hour traveling over highways, back roads, and dirt-track. We walked out of the woods to see a swift flowing stream sweep over a wide shelf of granite.
4"x5" film
It was on this plain of water-covered rock that Erica and I worked for the afternoon - the entire session focused on water Nudes.. More often than not, as before, Erica found the pose before I had a chance to direct her - often going far beyond anything I would consider asking of her. Early in the session we were setting up an image when she yelled above the rushing water "What about this" - and then submerged her head in the water. This produced the strongest image of the day - the infra-red to the left.
4"x5" film
This session was my first working with swift-moving water since the images with Kris made two years before. I built upon the earlier experiences - where before I would take as many as five images of a single pose, varying the shutter speed, with Erica I was confident that one or two would suffice.

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