July 30, 2019

Hailey & Ingrid at the Coast (South Shore, Nova Scotia)

A week after my most recent session with Ingrid, she and I returned with Hailey, to see what the location would offer two models. The evening was quite lovely - a light fog rolled in as we arrived, and stayed during the entire session, providing both soft light, and some shelter from accidental onlookers.
Digital infrared original

The first image of the session was one I'd wanted to make for more than a year - on the rocky shoreline I'd found a lovely circular depression, perfect for a single figure to pose in. Normally too exposed to work in, the foggy evening provided just the cover Hailey needed to help me make the above image!
Digital original
As the session moved forwards, I made a series of compositions of each model, and then both models, on the rocks; while the session was to be focused on working by the ocean, I wanted to do some rockscapes first, to get the creative process underway. One of the best compositions was of both models flowing with the lines of the rocks...sadly Hailey's tan lines are just beginning to be visible.
Digital original
Once the session moved to the shore side of the rocks, the entire focus shifted to working with the surging ocean, and the models juxtaposed next to it. Composition after composition worked with the lines of the shore, and the motion of the water along side of it. The realization that I was using the wrong shutter speed for ocean nudes is really starting to pay off, and several images really capture the power and energy of the ocean swirling below the models.
Digital original
Towards the end of the session, I asked Hailey and Ingrid if they could work physically together - essentially entwining their bodies so that one flows into the other. In the end, the idea I had couldn't be realized, but along the way, the final pose of the evening was discovered, and looking down from a low cliff above them, I made the final set of photographs.

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