July 06, 2019

A Summer Light Field Trip (High Head, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
This Summer Light field trip was spent at High Head, near Prospect. While intended to focus on the evening and sunset light, but when we arrived at the coast, much of the sky was overcast, so instead, the participants and I focused on working with the coastal landscape. While I have worked with water as a subject for decades, much of that has been spent photographing rivers, waterfalls and streams, but with those, I have always used long exposures (second to minutes, at times). For this field trip, I decided to explore the potential of much shorter long exposures (from 1/8 to 1/2 a second) - with very pleasing results.
Digital infrared original
As the evening proceeded, the clouds began to be backlit by the evening sun, providing a rather dramatic spectacle to photograph in infrared.
Digital original
By the end of the field trip, I was fully engaged by the potential of shorter exposures (short long exposures, more accurately), and had hand a handful of different compositions focused on the power of the ocean. I am enthusiastic to mix this with my work with the Nude (especially given Esme's and Ingrid's love for working in water).

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