July 13, 2019

A Photo 101 Field Trip (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The first Summer Photo 101 field trip was on a cool overcast morning, with the threat of rain (I did bring an umbrella though, so it never actually rained). While students were exploring the potential of focal length, I wandered about with my 150mm macro lens, working the the flowers.
Digital original
The best thing about the morning was the water-drops on most of the flowers - they added an additional dimension to their beauty, and made composition I normally wouldn't try work - as evidenced by the above image of the back end of a rose.
Digital original
The greatest discovery of the session was a row of tropical plants (who knows what has to be done to get these to grow in Nova Scotia - some sort of agricultural magic) - including a pineapple. I never knew a) they grew up, not down, and b) they are bright red! It was wonderful to photograph...and made me hungry!

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