September 08, 2021

Working in a New River!

After the success of Brittany's first session, I was keen to work with her again, but between our schedules and the weather, it wasn't until two months later that we were able to build on the foundation we'd begun. For this session, I let her select the location, a "secret" river location that she thought would appeal to me.

Digital Infrared original

Her intuition about the location was exactly right, and within a couple of minutes of arriving at the river, we were making our first set of images. A low line of rock was at the edge of a large patch of dark, deeper water, and seemed to be the perfect space to place Brittany. After some experimentation with the pose, and selecting a long lens to flatten the overall perspective of the composition, we made the above image, which set a great tone for the session as a whole.

Digital Infrared original

As we moved further along the river, there was this wonderful spot where an offshoot of the main flow raced through a gap between two rocks, and over a smaller rock between. It seemed a perfect spot to place Brittany. I switched to a wide lens, to enhance the drama of Brittany's pose against the swirling water around her.

Digital Infrared original

By far the most dramatic space in the river was just a little past where we made the previous image. The river divided, and one portion dropped a full 2 metres through a steeply angled fissure in the rock. Brittany carefully worked her way into the fissure, and was able to bridge it with her body. I made a broad range of images of a variety of poses in the setting, but the above, made with my new RF 85mm f/1.2 lens at f/1.2 is by far my favorite - the shallow depth of field is just lovely, and helps focus the frame upon the figure in the centre.

Digital Infrared original

The last set of images of the session further explored the potential of the rock fissure, this time with me working much closer to Brittany, with a wide angle lens. We quickly explored a variety of poses and compositions, with the above being my favorite. 

All in all, this was a fabulous session - the river space recommended by Brittany was just fabulous to work in, and the work we made build on the rapport established during the first session, and the rate of success clearly showed this! I look forward to seeing what ever can be created - both in this space, and in future work with Brittany.

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