September 16, 2021

A Fall River Session with Ingrid

As soon as Ingrid saw the images from my session with Brittany, she asked if we could visit the location, so she could see what she found to work with. More than any other model I've ever worked with, Ingrid loves posing in water, and the chance to work with a new river really piqued her interest.

Digital infrared original

We arrived to find the river flow quite different from my first session there - there was less water moving through the river, and lower flow changed the nature of the falls, giving them a more delicate, subtle feel. This had some advantages however, as Ingrid was able to find poses with her body right in the river flow, where Brittany almost always had to work to the side. The above image is quite unusual for my work with the Nude in rivers, as it is a side view, as opposed to from above.

Digital infrared original, two frame shutter speed blend, two frame stitch

My absolute favorite image from the session took full advantage of the infrared camera, which rendered the fall foliage (yellow, orange and red) a brilliant luminous white. It was a little tricky for Ingrid to find a comfortable space to work in on the edge of the angular rock shelf, but when the pose came together, and she threw her head back, everything came together!

Digital infrared original

Overall, the session was really pleasing - Ingrid got to work in a new space, and yet I was revisiting a location I'd seen so much potential in. I work in such a limited number of spaces that being introduced to a new one, especially one as rich as this one, really hold great potential for future images!

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