August 03, 2021

A Final Pregnancy Session

Digital infrared original
What a difference almost 7 weeks can make! For Stephanie's first pregnancy session we went to some military ruins close to Halifax, and worked there, and in the woods around them - where we came across the above erratic. The image we made at that time (at the bottom of the above blog entry) was good, but almost 7 weeks later, Stephanie's belly had grown and dropped, and her whole line had changed, resulting in a richer, more elegant image.
Digital infrared original
After we finished revisiting the forest image, we moved into an abandoned engine room, to make a final set of photographs. The light in the space was low, forcing some very long shutter speeds, and high ISO settings, but with Stephanie in poses with lots of support (leaning or sitting on things), we managed to work until the light was near unusable, and made the last compositions of her pregnancy.
Digital infrared original
As a last minute, end-of-pregnancy session, this was a great success - the first image is exactly what I sought to create, and the second set of images, in the old building, are really pleasing, and provide some variation to the small set of photo sessions we were able to make in the last weeks of Stephanie's pregnancy!
Digital infrared original+-
Stephanie gave birth several weeks after this session, and mother and child are doing well!

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