September 13, 2021

Return to the Northumberland Shore 1/2

 After my first visit to this waterfall with Jessica, I was keen to return when it had water flowing over it - and to this end, Ingrid and I headed up to the North Shore for an afternoon, to work with Jessica. Sadly, though it had rained in the previous couple of days, there seemed to be no change in the slow flow of the falls - it may be early spring before this space runs with water in the way I can only imagine it must!

Digital infrared original

Still, water or not, the space was amazing to be in, and very quickly the two models started exploring its potential - given that Jessica and I have been here 6 weeks before, I already had a number of images in mind when we arrived. The first set to really resonate with me was the two women working with the lower drop, with the camera angled up towards the sky - this gives some impression of the majesty of the space, and the poses worked well with the drama.

Digital infrared original

After making images embracing the entire falls. I shifted to focusing on Ingrid and Jessica along the lower part of the falls - the stacked stratification in the rocks was beautiful to work with visually, and gave the models lots to work with, in regards to posing. I shifted to working with a longer lens for this, but opted for a mid-range aperture to ensure both models were in focus.

Digital infrared original

For the last images of the session, we moved up onto the second level of the falls, and I asked if would be possible for the models to work on the actual wall of the falls themselves. I initially thought it wouldn't work, as the wall was wet, and many parts covered with moss & lichen, but with little effort, Ingrid and Jessica found a couple of spaces that worked, and the final image set was made! The wide lens was the only option, as showing the small pool at the base of the wall was so important!

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