June 30, 2016

Ireland X (Roscrea, Ireland)

Though I have not written much of the influence of the weather in Ireland, it has proved to be a challenge. Ingrid and I have not yet had to cancel a full day of photography, but every day so far has been cool (averaging 16 degrees) and periods of rain seem inevitable. This particular morning was the dampest yet, and it wasn't until close to noon that the rain let up enough for Ingrid and I to start looking for somewhere to photograph.
Although I put days of work into creating my "locations" document (a PDF on an iPad with almost 100 potential locations to work in with Ingrid), as we travelled around Ireland, I also keep a weather eye out for potential spaces. So, just as the rain abated and the sky lightened noticeably, we happened to be driving through the town of Roscrea, and I noticed a derelict and dilapidated industrial building in the distance. Minutes later, Ingrid and I were clambering into the courtyard of the ruined building, and looking around; though there were possible entries into the main building, climbing rickety ladders and clambering through small windows was not on the itinerary.

There was, however, a long wall on the outer edge of the grounds with some very interesting window/door elements set into it. Rather than leaving the space without making any photos, Ingrid and I decided to make a set of images with her working in one of the recesses (which had the added advantage of being a little out of the weather, which has started to get a little wet again.

Given the small space Ingrid was in, and the inclement weather, we didn't work for long with the space, but the ever present ivy and weathered wood looked lovely in infrared, Ultimately, for less than five minutes of work, we produced a couple of pleasing images. I can't help but wonder about the incredible spaces we might have found within the large, derelict building just meters away from where we worked, but given the challenges of access, I'm happy with the above couple of images!

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