June 28, 2016

Ireland V (Fennor, Ireland)

The second day of the photography for the Ingrid Portfolio began on a downer - over the night before, Ingrid's hot water bottle had sprung a leak, soaking her blankets, sheets and bed, and robbing her of a good night's sleep. Due to the night's disaster, we were late setting out, but as they day was damp and gray to begin with, I didn't feel much was missed.
The main reason for the location of our first week's home-base was its proximity to a number of locations that I'd photographed in 2014, and wished to return to with a model. At the top of this list was Kilcooley Abbey, which was both stunningly beautiful, and isolated/unknown enough to likely be easy to work in with Ingrid.

As we approached Kilcooley, however, we came upon a couple of long ruined churches, right by the road, and I just had to stop. After wandering around them and making a couple of images in Infrared, I asked Ingrid how she'd feel about doing a small set of photos in a particularly ivy-covered opening in one of the church's walls.
After a careful exploration of the location, ensuring it was out of sight of the road and had no other approaches, I set up the first composition, using a long angle to look out the opening towards the graveyard the another ruined church, and Ingrid disrobed and began to explore the space for poses. The first set of images focused on Ingrid by the right side of the opening, where a large headstone helped define the edge of the frame.

After a couple of pose variations, Ingrid shifted to the other side of the opening; the wall itself had a small opening in it (between the outer and inner skins) but it proved to be too rough for Ingrid to work in. In the end, we mirrored many of the poses we'd already done on the other side of the opening, but with more focus on the ivy and background, than the headstone.

In the end, though Ingrid and I only photographed for 5 minutes, I was really glad we'd made the short stop!

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