September 11, 2014

Infrared Beach Session (Taylor Head Beach, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared, 12 frame stitch
The simple stillness of this image really pleases me; the long lens used in the stitch kept the depth of field shallow, while the stitch permitted me to show the entire tree stretching out above Bianca.
Digital infrared original
As soon as I saw this bed of foliage high on the beach, I knew I’d end up working with Bianca in it. The initial images had Bianca’s arms on top of the plant, but when I had her interweave her arms into the foliage, the image really came together, giving her figure wings.
Digital infrared original
Bianca’s dance and yoga experience comes through in her pose ideas from time to time; in this case, I’d envisioned her standing between the two rocks, but after realizing that didn’t work, she worked herself into an arch between the rocks, and asked if it worked…which it did indeed.

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