September 09, 2014

A Valley Session II (South Waterville, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
After a circular walk through the woods, Bianca and I came out at the top of a field, and were presented with some long abandoned farm machinery; never one to miss an opportunity to work with something new, I immediately asked Bianca if the metal grate on this old wagon would be comfortable enough to model on; moments later I had my answer.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
The best find of the day was the abandoned farm equipment; after working with the old wagon, we shifted to exploring the possibilities of a set of tires on an axle; initially I’d passed by this as it was a little “minimal; in retrospect however, Bianca arching back across the wheel (in 5 or more different poses) lead to some of the best images of the day.

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