September 29, 2014

A Riverside Session (Pennant Point River, Nova Scotia)

The beginning of this session was focused on working with Bianca on a beautiful tree besides the river; initially she posed in the branches and working with the verticallity of the space, but towards the end, I tried to reverse the angle, and put myself in the tree, looking down onto Bianca, posed on a branch.
Digital infrared original
The middle of the session had a pause in it for Bianca to warm up (the day was unfortunately cooler than expected,); I took the opportunity to make some more portraits of her, reveling in the wildness of her hair.
Digital original
My hope for this session was to work with Bianca in this river, but with the day barely warm enough for posing on land, there was no way I would be able to make images with a model in water. That didn't however, preclude working with the river.
Digital infrared original, 4image shutter blend, 3 image stitch
This beautiful branch had grown out along the surface of the water, and was perfect for Bianca to pose along; it took only a couple of revisions to Bianca's initial post to bring it together, and for a good ten minutes, I explored the visual possibilities, with this, the final composition, being my favorite.

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