September 10, 2014

A Sunset River Session (Bedford, Nova Scotia)

This was a short session at sunset, making the most of the last of the warm summer weather. Bianca knew we wouldn't have much light, with sunset coming so fast, but was still keen to make the most of what time we could grab.
Digital infrared, 2 frame stitch
As we worked with this great old tree trunk, Bianca mused “I wonder if I could climb it”, and moments later had scrambled up the outside. Truth be told, the pose possibilities were limited, but the strength of the final image (a combination of two poses by Bianca) is firmly rooted in Bianca’s physically adventurous approach to modeling.
Digital infrared, 2 image composite, 2 image stitch
The primary reason for this session was to work in the river, so before the evening light faded for good, Bianca and I headed to the deepest part of the river (where there was perhaps 3’ of water), and made a series of images of her posing in the water.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
As it turned out, we waited almost too long, as rapidly the exposures stretched from the initial two seconds to eight seconds; quite a long time to stay still in cool river water. Bianca was able to stay still however, and while we had to call it quits due to low light before I’d felt I’d made the most of the location, both of us were pleased with the results.

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