June 26, 2014

Ireland XI (Dunmore Cave, Ireland)

Today was a wet day in south-central Ireland, so the plan was to head underground...but on the way, I had to stop to photograph this lovely tower in the middle of a field. The weather even co-operated with great clouds behind!
Digital infrared original
Dunmore Cave is eleven kilometres north of Kilkenny City and, like other caves across the country, is formed by limestone which was laid down over 300 million years ago.
Digital original
It contains almost a quarter of a mile of passages and at its deepest point is 150 foot below the surface. Although this is smaller than many of the caves around the country, the beauty and magic of its calcite formations as well as its scientific and historical interest make it one of Ireland's most fascinating caves. Its presence has been known for years but it is only recently that attempts have been made to unravel its history. In 928, the Dunmore Cave was the site of a Viking massacre. Mention of the cave was made in the 9th century Irish Triads.
Digital infrared original
I've driven by this barn every morning and evening for almost a week, and finally had to stop and photograph it...fortunately the day's rain held off while I explored the possibilities.
Digital original
The light at the end of today was just lovely - soft and bright, all at the same time.

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