June 22, 2014

Ireland VII (Cork to Timoleague, Ireland)

Digital original, 4 frame exposure blend

This helical stair, at Camden Fort Meagher was fabulous to photograph; I can deny I wished the lighting wasn't there, but given the choice of not photographing it, and having to work around the lighting, the answer was obvious.
Digital infrared original, 3 image stitch

Charles Fort is one of the finest surviving examples of a 17th Century star-shaped fort, and much of the construction begun in 1678 remains. The fort has two enormous bastions overlooking the estuary, and three facing inland. Within its walls were all the barracks and ancillary facilities to support the fort’s garrison. The fort continued in military use until 1922.
Digital original infrared, two frame stitch
Timoleague Friary is a Franciscan friary located in Timoleague, County Cork, Ireland. It dates from about 1300.
Digital original
As with the previous night, the sunset south of Cahir was just lovely...and I missed it (was driving home at the time)...I managed to make this image of the afterglow however.

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