June 18, 2014

Ireland III (Dublin, Ireland)

The morning was spent on a fabulous tour of Kilmainham Goal, a grim place at the centre of the story of the Republic of Ireland's independence.
Digital original
Like the image from the day before of the King's Chapel, this photo was made hand-held, and is stitched together from multiple frames from the 17mm tilt-shift lens.
Digital original, three frame stitch
The City Hall, Dublin, originally the Royal Exchange, is a civic building in Dublin, Ireland. It was built between 1769 and 1779 to the designs of architect Thomas Cooley and is a notable example of 18th-century architecture in the city.The building was restored to its 18th-century appearance at the beginning of the 21st century, and Dublin City Council has won awards for the conservation of this historic building.
Digital original, four frame exposure blend, two image stitch
As with the previous night, the twilight hour was spent along the Liffey river, photographing the Four Courts building as the sky transitioned from day to night.

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