June 19, 2014

Ireland IV (Dublin, Ireland)

Digital, 11 frame exposure blend, 3 image stitch
The floors in St Patrick's Cathedral were just breathtaking - each one made by hand, and filling the entire cathrdral from end to end.
Digital Original
Digital original, 19 frame exposure blend, 2 image stitch
Part of the pleasure of working the way I do with architecture is I use very long exposures, which make people passing through the spaces I photograph pretty much a non issue. In this case, as I made this image, half a dozen other visitors walked through the composition, and not a hint of them is in the final image.
Digital original, 6 frame exposure blend, 2 image stitch
Of all the images made today, this was the most pleasing, both in terms of the subject, which was just lovely, and the compostion.

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