June 26, 2011

Richmond Castle

Digital original
Made from the top of the keep at Richmond Castle, I love the chaotic lines and colour of the roofs below. I made perhaps 15 compositions of the scene, but the above, with two carefully planned corners, is by far the most pleasing.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
As a child, when I lived in York for a time, Richmond was my favorite castle to visit - something about the mix of the Victorian restoration of the gatehouse and keep, and the battered, ruined walls around the rest of the castle spoke to me on a visceral level. It was cathartic to return as an adult, and be able to make images of the space that portray some of the awe I hold for the castle.
Digital original
On the walk back to the car, I passed by this lovely little door...with no hinges. The irony of the scene is weaker than the delicate mix of colours...but I pity the person who next opens the door!

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