June 28, 2011

Bamburgh Castle

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
First thing in the morning, before heading out from the B&B for the day, I did a little walk about the little town we were in, and make the above image of a lovely church at the end of the parking lot.
Digital infrared original
The main focus for this day's photography was Bamburgh Castle, which was just a mammoth place - at times it was hard to know which way to point the camera, there was so much to photograph. This, coupled with a perfect sky for working in infrared, made the visit incredibly visual.
Digital infrared original
This image takes full advantage of my tilt-shift lens; when composing it, I was centred on the windmill tower, but before making the image, I shifted my lens all the way to the right, moving the tower off-centre, an creating a more pleasing image.
Digital infrared original
Once finished with the castle, I took a walk down onto the long sand beach below the castle, and made the above image - it made me think of a moustache!

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