June 21, 2011

England VI - Castle Howard

Digital original
For the main focus of today's work, I took the photo tour to Castle Howard, the home of the Carlisle branch of the Howard family for more than 300 years. Because of the nature of the location, the focus of the day was hand-held photography....i.e. NO TRIPODS! It was not my usual approach, but a good skill to practice, for both me and the tour's participants.
Digital original
A large part of Castle Howard was destroyed by a fire in 1940. The dome (above), the central hall, the dining room and the state rooms on the east side were entirely destroyed. Some of the devastated rooms have been restored over the following decades. In 1960–61 the dome was rebuilt and in the following couple of years, Pellegrini's Fall of Phaeton was recreated on the underside of the dome.

I am particularly please with  the above photograph, as it takes full advantage of my 17mm tilt-shift lens, but was composed, and created hand-held. Yay high ISOs.
Digital original
All through lunch, this peacock was vying for my attention....several times he came within reach, and once spread his full tail feathers for me to photograph. I had no idea I was so attractive to peacocks!
Digital original
Where I began the blog entry with a wide-angle image of the back of Castle Howard, I'll end it with a long lens look at the front - a very different perspective on a beautiful building.

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