May 31, 2009

Jessica & Ryan at the Coast (Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Today I finally thought the weather was warm enough for an outdoor session, so I headed with Jessica and Ryan to the coast…where it was cool, then foggy, then cold. You can never win. Fortunately, the couple felt it was warm enough to do some photos, so we began with a set of images of Jessica and Ryan together on the side of a granite rock face.
Digital infrared original
This was one of the last poses of the session - I’d hoped for Jessica to stand on the rock, surrounded by the soft water and seaweed, but all she could do was huddle against the cold…still, it made for a beautiful, delicate portrait.
Digital original, 4 image stitch
Knowing that walking out to the rock, I saved the above composition to last. When I described it to her, Jessica agreed a body on the small rock, in front of the big rock would look awesome, so for the last images of the session, she waded out to the rock, and worked through a handful of poses upon it, my favorite of which is above.

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