May 24, 2009

A Rainy Morning

Digital original
During a field trip with students along the Dartmouth waterfront, I came across the perfect example of "keep it simple" - a single tulip petal fallen onto the bark mulch.
Digital original
I came close to cancelling this field trip due to the weather - earlier in the day it poured with rain, but by the time the field trip was to begin, it had cleared, and no more rain was forecast...but the rain had done its damage, and numerous tulips were battered down by the downpours.
Digital original
The last image of the field trip was one simple, unopened tulip, set against the out of focus mulch behind. I've often wondered about photographer's preference for photographing in good weather, and I think it is more about the comfort of the creator than any issue with "challenging weather being un-photogenic"!

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