May 12, 2009

A Rusty Buoy Chebucto Head (and ingrid)

Digital original
While visiting Chebucto Head with Ingrid and Victoria (who was visiting from England), we just happened to come across a massive battered and rusty buoy, cast up high on the granite rocks, and basking in the sun.
Digital original
After some attempts to photograph it alone, both Ingrid and Victoria suggested it would work better with a body interacting with it. I was inclined to agree. As wonderful as this rusted buoy was, it was quite challenging to work with - the light was harsh, and the air cool (it was early spring), so we had to work fast. In the end, I had Ingrid work with the chain, as a prop to support her pose.
Digital Original
After making half a dozen compositions of both models, I became convinced the results were not worth the effort (it was a chilly spring day), so as the two got their clothes back on, I moved to the shadow side of the buoy, and made some compositions focused on the rush and battered paint.

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