May 16, 2009

An Wedding! (Ottawa, Ontario)

Digital original
The real reason for this visit to Ottawa was to see Miles and Natasha wed; it was a great event, and an honour to be part of it. Unfortunately the weather was less than ideal (rainy), but shortly after the ceremony was over, the rain let up for some candid photos. I have always said the only people I'd do wedding photos for would be models...and in this case, it was 2 for 2!
Digital original
My real hope, from when I first learned that Miles and Natasha were getting married, was that we'd be able to do some photos with the houses of parliament in the background. Though it was a little cool, we did indeed, combining a couple of flashes with a long exposure to make a series of photographs celebrating the special day.
Digital original

The best image at Parliament was the last one I made - it was also the most complex. In addition to two off-camera flashed (one on the right providing the hard light on Miles' back, and one on the left, firing into a reflector and providing the main light on both of them, a kind tourist with a DSLR with a pop-up flash was couching behind both of the models, providing a little rim light to their of the advantages of using a 2 second exposure is that it is easy to sync manually fired flashes.

It is also obvious I did some cloning on the peace all the lights are on!

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