March 07, 2009

Nicolle and Evan Model Together

This session focus on working with Nicolle and Evan; though I hadn't been to their apartment before, Nicolle and I had discussed the space, and she told me about an antique couch they had, which we planned to focus the session around.
Digital original
As it turned out, the couch was pretty small, and poses with the two were somewhat limited. We did the best we could, and a number of the images were really quite pleasing, every one focused upon the couple cuddling on the couch.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
Eventually, however, I had to admit we'd run out of the posing options for the space. While Evan made tea, and we discussed other options, I made the above portrait of Nicolle, taking advantage of the beautiful window light to my left.
Digital original
The last photos of the session were of Nicolle, and then her and Evan in their shower; for years I've been drawn to shower images, loving the mix of water on skin. The bathroom in their apartment was perfect, with a window in the shower, so light flooded across Nicolle on the opposite side to the shower.
Digital original
The last images were of Nicolle and Evan together in the shower, mixing the intimacy of posing together as a couple with the beauty of water on skin. Though the shower portion of the session was short, I really enjoyed a number of the images we'd made, with my favorite being above.

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