February 01, 2009

A Winter Trip to Shenstone

Digital original
After a good night's sleep, and a filling breakfast, Ingrid, Miranda and I headed out into the snowy morning - and the first thing that caught my eye was the bright winter light in Ingrid's eye.
Digital original
The hope for this trip was to make some winter Nudes in the outdoor bathtub (I made some images of Ingrid in the tub two years ago); as it turned out, the area didn't work at all (the snow was in all the wrong places) - but the door beside the tub was just lovely in the bright morning light, so I took some time to photograph that, before moving on.
Digital original, 9 image exposure blend, 4 frame stitch
This was probably the shortest photo session I have ever had - less than a minute at best. It was bitterly cold, but Miranda had her heart set on posing on the old cartwheel. We covered the wheel with duct tape, to stop it from freezing to her skin, and an assistant walked with Miranda (who was in snowshoes) to take her clothes. I preshot the entire composition (four frames wide) and when I was ready, she disrobed, and took the pose. The mistake she made was going barefoot - after two variations, she was done, chilled to the bone, and we packed up and headed inside to the wood-stove.

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