March 12, 2009

Two Friends Pose Together

Digital infrared original
B_ has worked with me several times over the past years, and when she got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in photographing her and a friend, I was happy to oblige. The two women arrived a couple of days later, and after the usual preliminaries, we set to work. As one of the women wished to be anonymous, from the outset the session was focused on bodyscapes and abstracts.
Digital infrared original
As B_ had worked with me before indoors, I spend the middle of the session making some photographs of her friend on her own; she responded wonderfully to the camera, and really enjoyed the process, and the results; as often happens, when I can't include the face, the hands become the focus of many images.
Digital infrared original
At the close of the session, the two models worked together again; where the first images has been somewhat hesitant, when it came to posing, after a couple of hours of nudity, caution was thrown the wind, and more dynamic, physical poses were created, leading to some really striking results.

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