March 22, 2009

An Indoor Session with Stephanie

Digital original, 2 frame stitch
This session was my second chance to work with Stephanie. The afternoon we met on had lovely bright light, but it was late enough in the day that none of it flooded into my apartment, giving us some lovely soft, directional light to work on.
Digital original, 2 frame focus blend
The middle of the session was spent experimenting with some skulls I had borrowed for the session; I try not to give much direction at first, and tend to respond to how the model responds to the skulls. In this case, Stephanie quite literally cradled the skull into her heart...which lead to the above photograph.
Digital original
I always try to make a portrait during a session with a model who's comfortable being recognizable in my work; with Stephanie however, it was only at the close of the session (while she was drinking tea on the futon) that I finally saw what I was seeking in a portrait - a glimpse into the real Stephanie.

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