November 30, 2008

Two Models in an Unusual Session

This session was quite unusual for me (I can't actually recall the last time I worked this way); the two women I worked with both sought to create images for a holiday gift, but were uncertain if they would be comfortable posing completely Nude.
Digital original
When the three of us met before the session, there was a great deal of discussion about how I work, and what the women sought; in the end, we agreed to work together and see what happened. The models knew what I was aiming for, and would see where their comfort levels would take them.
Digital original
As it turned out, with both models, full frontal nudity was a level they weren't comfortable with; both women posed for a great number of portraits with discrete coverage, either using cloth of limbs to prevent any censurable nudity showing.
Digital oroginal
When we moved to working on an antique couch, some of the most pleasing images of the session were made, but overall, it was less a session for me than for the two models, who ultimately ended up with images that met their needs.

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