November 17, 2008

Pushing the Frozen Flowers Forward

Digital original, 5 frame stitch
As I continue to work with freezing flowers, I am discovering more issues to the process; I have been pouring warm water over the ice to clear the surface, and help create a sharper image...but I have come to realize that the warm water often causes the ice to fracture, as it did above.
Digital original, 16 frame focus blend, 7 frame stitch
The introduction of focus blending has made all the difference to this work, and when combined with stitching for higher resolution, the results are really pleasing...if only the freezing process could be more predictable.
Digital original
I experimented with a broad rang of flowers, but have decided that translucence is the most important factor overall - with the above flower, I had to focus on the petals, as opposed to light, which makes the result quite different from the other images I have made to date.

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