November 22, 2008

Kyla Poses for a College Demo

Digital original
Since 2004, I have been visiting the New Brunswick Craft College photography department, to talk about my work with the Nude, and provide a demo of photographing the Nude. This year, Kayla was kind enough to work with me during the demo - which opened up with the lovely portrait above - made with Kayla facing away from the window, which is counter to my usual approach.
Digital infrared original
The room we were working in had wonderful deep window sills, which were the perfect size for Kayla to relax upon. I am always amazed at how rich and beautiful window light is, even when the model is right upon the window itself.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame exposure blend
The last photographs of the demo were the most adventurous; there was a grand piano on the stage in the room we were using, and Kayla agreed the rich glossy black piano would look lovely with a Nude upon it. Initially we had some challenges with the pose, but once I raised my camera well over my head, I was able to (standing on a step stool) make a composition that fit Kayla's figure to the piano perfectly.

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