November 01, 2008

Ryan & Jessica Indoor

After an outdoor portrait session on a brisk fall day Ryan and Jessica were more than enthusiastic to begin their first nude session with a hot shower - both a great way to warm up, and a wonderful space to be Nude together (often couples find familiar environments like beds or baths/showers more comfortable to begin a session in, as opposed to standing naked in an empty space.
Digital infrared original
To light the bathroom, I set up a single studio light, and directed it at the bathroom ceiling, flooding the room with soft, even light. The tenderness in this image is almost painful to see - such bare intimacy is rare to behold.
Digital original
After the shower images were finished, Jessica and Ryan moved to working on a futon, surrounded by white sheets. I actually have two versions of this image - one with Jessica's eyes open, looking at the camera, and this one. I love the fierceness in the first, but it reinforces the voyeuristic nature of the viewing experience, where the above image works better as a window into the tenderness of lovers.
Digital infrared original
For the last images of the session, I asked the couple of stand and work against the long wall in my apartment - the afternoon light was just beginning to fall across it, and provide some beautiful highlights and shadows. I really like the dynamic quality of this image, with the energy from Ryan’s hands flowing over Jessica’s torso flowing through the entire image.

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