February 09, 2008

Miranda & Nicole Model Together

Digital original
Winter is always a challenge for me, given that working with models outdoors ins't much of an option. Fortunately, on this afternoon both Miranda and Nicole were available, and happy to pose together. I set up the white sheets, and set to work after the models arrived.

I love the repetition of the lines in this image, both models were a delight to work with.
Digital original
Though I have been working digitally now for more than 5 years, I still find colour challenging; with the above image however, the almost monochromatic quality of the subject (basically pale skin and white) created a chance to make an image in colour that worked quite well.
Digital infrared original
The last set of images that we made were of the two women standing; the natural light in my main room is perfect for working with models against the wall beside it, and with Miranda facing the wall, and Nicole leaning back on it, there were some wonderful lines and mirroring that occurred.

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